Hot Legs Workout Guide Product Description

Discover the Right Type Of Exercise to Shape Your Butt, Hips and Legs by Burning Fat and Toning Muscle

Every woman has at least one area of her body she'd like to improve. We all want a fitness solution that will help us become slender, strong, and healthy—but it's not always easy to tell good information from bad when it comes to wellness and exercise.

Whatever your physical goals, there are literally thousands of fitness videos, books, and guides with countless approaches to getting the figure you want. If your problem area is your legs, hips, thighs, or butt, however, you've probably already discovered that a lot of the available information is nonsense - and that without targeted, effective exercises that actually work, it’s all but impossible to burn lower-body fat and get your legs and lower body into the shape you desire.

Despite the widespread misinformation out there, it is possible to build a workout specifically designed to correct your body's problem areas. As a longtime personal trainer, I've spent years learning from the top fitness experts, and I'm here to tell you that there are leg and butt exercises that really work - and I can help you combine them into a foolproof system that anyone can learn.

How to Create the Shapely Hips, Legs and Butt You've Always Wanted

Your lower body makes up more than half of your physical form, but very few of the exercises taught by weight loss gurus and fitness boot camps focus on your legs or butt at all. Most so-called "fitness experts" provide a lot of cardio, sprinkled with strength training for the upper body. This does nothing to shape or enhance the biggest muscles in your body - those in your legs!

Strength training is the fastest, most effective, and in some cases, the only way to shape and tone your legs, butt, and thighs. These techniques not only build muscle, they also offer these other benefits:
  • More energy and higher metabolism. With more muscle mass, you'll burn more calories doing your everyday activities—and even when sitting still.

  • Improved body composition. The scale may not show much difference, but strength training converts fat to lean, healthy body mass.

  • Greater bone density. Strength training builds bone density, reducing your risk of osteoporosis and injuries, now and in the future.

  • Increased confidence. There's nothing more empowering to your self-confidence than watching your body turn into a strong, sculpted machine!
Hot Leg Myths and Truths

Why are so many people unsuccessful when it comes to achieving their fitness goals? Simply put, it's because they're doing it wrong.

Most fitness regimens push cardio and dieting, as if fat will just melt away through cardiovascular exercise and reveal strong, shapely legs. In fact, the combination of cardio with lower caloric intake can force your body to break down muscle, usually in large muscular regions like those in the legs and behind. With less muscle mass, lower metabolism causes fat to accumulate - and for women, the hips, thighs, and butt are the primary areas where this happens. So if you're looking for a way to tone and shape your hips, butt ,and legs, cardio and dieting is really not the ideal combination.

Strength training is the most efficient way to build muscle, and is much more productive than dieting if your goal is to tone and reshape your lower body. But strength training isn't a straightforward solution, since the most popular strength exercises focus on the upper body or offer too little resistance to effectively work the muscle groups in the legs. Where can you go to find exercises that work and advice that's targeted to your fitness goals?

Muscle and Metabolism Make the Difference

For years, I searched for a resource to help me and my personal training clients reshape the legs, thighs, and hips, but I never found a book or guide that provided what I needed. That's why I've written the Hot Legs Workout Guide, to provide you with the real facts - and just the facts - about leg exercises and body shaping.

The Hot Legs Workout Guide will teach you:
  • How to reshape your butt, hips, thighs, and legs through targeted exercise

  • The best exercises for each part of your lower body - and which are useless and can be eliminated altogether

  • How to eliminate cellulite through exercise and healthy diet

  • Why muscle is the one and only answer to burning fat and reshaping your lower body

  • The big, powerful exercises that really work your legs

  • Why multi-joint exercises like squats and deadlifts are more productive than any workout you could do while sitting down or on a fitness machine

  • How to create a consistent exercise routine to build strong, firm, hot legs
Building your leg muscles through strength training exercises is the sure path to the toned butt and tight, sexy legs you crave. What's more, strength training provides a simultaneous boost to your energy levels and metabolism that will leave you feeling great, looking amazing, and ready to tackle the day with renewed vigor and confidence.

Ready to Learn the Right Workouts and Forget About the Wrong Ones?

If you're tired of ineffectual workouts that drain your time and energy without giving you real results, it's time for a change. Getting fit isn't easy - it takes time, discipline, and commitment - but it's possible for anyone to achieve sexy, hot legs by doing the right exercises in the right way.

Learn to work out safely and productively today, developing your butt and legs, burning fat, and changing the shape of your body forever. This is the year to reclaim your figure and your health, and finally turn your body into a sexy, shapely work of art!